Our Philosophy


At Biome Exotics, we promote our team’s passion and encourage their input. We believe in creating a culture of inclusiveness and belonging where all are welcome. By embracing change and innovation, we find new ways to grow our organization and ourselves.


Our passion for pioneering will drive change, opening new doors for our customers.


As our company grows and we try different approaches to solve complex problems, we understand the path is full of unknowns. It’ll be long and difficult, but success favors those who persevere.


Biome Exotics is focused on optimizing an environmentally friendly business strategy for the long term. Achieving commercial success doesn’t have to be at the expense of our planet. We at Biome Exotics follow the planet before profit approach. We believe that how we operate should be guided by thoughtful, sustainable, and responsible business practices. By balancing economic and environmental considerations, we can achieve long-term success, contributing back to the world we all live in.


Exceeding customer expectations in everything we do and holding ourselves accountable at every step is core to achieving long-term customer relations and is a key part of our success.
As we research and progress with our husbandry techniques, are goal is to share and pass on that knowledge to help promote long-term care outcomes for all the animals we sell. Your achievements are our success stories.


  • Biome Exotics strives to do the right thing even is this requires short-term sacrifices.
  • We prioritize those areas where we can create and capture the most value to make a difference. It’s best to do one thing really, really well.
  • Quality is better than quantity.
  • The need for information crosses all borders, especially when there’s more information to be found out there.
  • You must lead to change if you don’t want to be led by change.
  • Genchi Genbutsu: We believe that being fully committed and involved is key to understanding and solving any problems faster and more effectively.