Why Buy Captive Bred?

BUY CAPTIVE BRED and help support the global conservation efforts for an endangered species.

Biome Exotics is committed to this venture via professional associations and partnerships. We continuously collaborate with these organizations as well as donate a percentage of our proceeds to help facilitate their conservation efforts.

We're also focused on a responsible and sustainable domestic breeding program, concentrating on improving the husbandry techniques for long term captive care outcomes. As a result, we are able to produce healthy, high-quality captive-bred specimens available for enthusiasts to buy. This approach drastically reduces the overall demand for wild-caught natural resources.

You will never find a wild-caught animal for sale at Biome Exotics. We love what we do and work hard, taking great pride in raising nothing but the healthiest, captive-bred specimens. All our animals for sale are raised in-house, never out-sourced, and cared for by our very own seasoned experts. We feel that Conservation through Commercialization, when done properly, can be credited to the overall success in protecting many endangered wild populations. Our captive bred animals are far better adapted to life in captivity. They carry no inherent parasites commonly found in the wild, are more vibrant in color, and always have healthy appetites. Hence, you should always buy captive-bred.