Animal Care Documentation

With so much miss-information available online now-a-days, it’s become extremely difficult and tedious to sort through all the scientific journals, current and historical climate data, care sheets, and forums, to get the information you need. So little research and zoological documentation is available for some of these animals, to provide the average person a good understanding on how to care for their pet(s).

That is why the Biome Exotics team did all the work for you. When you read our BECareGuides®, you can be assured that the information provided is trustworthy, factual, and based on scientific research. Biome Exotics continually updates their care guides to reflect new husbandry techniques as they evolve, along with information on new emerging technologies used in the care and maintenance of your pet(s). You might notice that some of the care advice listed in our BECareGuides® is a bit different from other sources out there that you may have read. That does not mean those methods will not work. We spent a lot of time researching and improving on our husbandry techniques which have been very successful. We are sharing what we have learned over the years. Our BECareGuides® are provided to you at no cost because we want to make sure every single animal sold will prosper in your care. 

Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions. We will read and consider them all.

Please find the links to the downloadable pdf's below. These documents will require Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can download it here: Download Adobe Reader

An Introduction to Lygodactylus williamsi .pdf [Open/Download]
Captive husbandry Best Practices for Lygodactylus williamsi .pdf [Open/Download]