Consider Creating an Account

There are quite a few benefits for our customers who create an account on our website. From a customer’s perspective, creating an account can really improve your shopping experience. Here’s how…..


1.  First and foremost, we do not sell any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to third parties.
2.  Customers who sign up will be able to choose their own password and login to their account through the website.
3.  Once logged in, they can edit any of their personal and demographic information.
4.  They will be able to view their order history and see any current order statuses for purchases they’ve made.
5.  Customers will also benefit from address autofill during the checkout, making the order process much simpler and quicker.
6.  In addition, there is a messages tab for any communications with us.
7.  And finally, an absolute favorite for many of our customers continues to be the Wishlist. When logged in, you can view/edit your wishlist and look over your recently viewed items.


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