Our Story


Just like with most reptile and amphibian breeders, Paul’s story started with a love for all animals and the great outdoors. Since childhood, he spent most of his free time outside turning over every log and rock, collecting and learning how to properly care for what he had found. From the very beginning, Paul always strived to make all his enclosures as naturalistic as possible, believing the animals would feel more at home. He would study their environment and replicate it to the best of his ability, using the most innovative care techniques and equipment available at the time. In the early days, there was little to no husbandry specific equipment available in stores, so Paul often fabricated his own. In 1992 Paul expanded his collection and started breeding a variety of different colubrid species as well as Leopard Geckos, Day Geckos, and a myriad of tree frog species.
Not too long ago, Paul’s priority and emphasis changed from breeding for self-fulfillment to a focus on global conservation efforts. With many years of experience under his belt, Paul developed a responsible and sustainable domestic captive breeding program. He focused on improving the overall husbandry techniques for long-term captive care outcomes. As a result, Paul continues to produce healthy, high-quality captive-bred specimens for enthusiasts to buy. This approach drastically reduces the overall demand for wild-caught natural resources worldwide.

Owner Getting Ready for a Night Hike At Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center (C.R.A.R.C.)


In 2012 Paul founded Biome Exotics LLC, a truly unique small family owned business. With years of experience, Paul knew that many prospective customers were blissfully unaware of the skill set and equipment required to provide adequate care for the reptiles and amphibians they wanted to purchase. So, as another major goal, Paul wanted to educate all his customers and provide them Reassurance for long-term success. He says, "with the proper resources and guidance, everyone interested can successfully keep many of the captive bred species available on the market today. No one should hesitate to purchase in fear of failure."

Paul also believes that in today’s modern society, technology has taken over and customer service has suffered a horrible loss. Customers often feel alienated and defeated searching for answers to questions. To correct this, Paul and the Biome Exotics team are committed to make every effort to deal directly with each customer providing the utmost standard in customer service.
We welcome you to peruse our site and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are always happy to help.


A message from the founder:

Hello, and welcome to the Biome Exotics online store.
I hope this will be the start of something really special!
Here are three reasons I believe you’ll love us:

We only breed and sell the healthiest reptiles available on the market.
Our staff love what they do and pride themselves in offering stellar customer service,
because your happiness and satisfaction are everything!
We test all the products we sell to make sure they really work, so you don’t have to!

We hope you enjoy your time browsing our site and we look forward
to answering your questions and helping you find what you are looking for. Happy herping!