The right choice

Biome Exotics is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of service excellence in everything we do. We adhere to this philosophy by focusing on the following key points, which also happens to be our company mission and our core foundation.


You will never find a wild-caught animal for sale at Biome Exotics. We love what we do and work hard, taking great pride in raising nothing but the healthiest, captive-bred specimens. All our animals for sale are born and raised in-house, and never out-sourced. They are cared for by our very own seasoned experts. We feel that Conservation through Commercialization along with educating the public, when done properly, can be credited to the overall success in protecting many endangered wild populations. Our captive bred animals are far better adapted to life in captivity. They carry no inherent parasites commonly found in the wild, are more vibrant in color, are robust and always have healthy appetites. Hence, you should always buy captive-raised.


At Biome Exotics, we care about our customers and their success. We are dedicated to providing you, the customer/hobbyist, with the best possible experience. We always respond back in a timely manner, following up on all emails, voicemails, and chat messages throughout the day.


We at Biome Exotics believe that by educating our customers before they make their purchase, and providing follow-up support after their purchase, increases our customers' overall comfort level. We do everything we can to ensure that our customers get the answers they need to be successful. Biome Exotics has painstakingly developed care guides for all the animals we sell. These downloadable electronic documents are completely free and will provide you with a wealth of information. Each species-specific paper consists of a complete overview on your animal, its history, enclosure setup requirements, and the proper care necessary for long-term success.

At Biome Exotics we are focused on:

  • Sustainable domestic breeding programs.
  • Continuing Research on the species.
  • Conservation Efforts.
  • Superior Customer Support.
  • Knowledge and Educating the public.