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New Zealand tree fern fiber is very popular with Horticulturists, as well as reptile & Amphibian hobbyists. Use it by itself or in combination with other mediums to enhance soil properties, making the perfect soil consistency. New Zealand tree fern fiber is often used to cover landscape backgrounds in custom-made enclosures. New Zealand sourced Tree fern is unique because it is soft, porous, spongy, and long lasting with excellent water retention abilities. It's also highly resistant to degradation in damp and humid environments, making it a perfect long-lasting medium for tropical enclosures. The smell and texture of tree fern fiber encourages the natural burrowing behaviors in reptiles and amphibians. Tree fern fibers absorb waste and diminish odors while pulling double duty as the perfect growing media for many live plants, helping with aeration when using soil-less mixes.

Tree fern is a 100% natural product and sustainably farmed. because of sustainable harvesting, New Zealand tree fern is not subject to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) protection.

*The mixture contains finely milled tree fern and larger particulate fern pieces.

Also available in [10 liter bags].

Benefits of use:

  • Excellent growing media for live plants
  • Supports the root fungal microbiome.
  • Promotes plant-microbiota interactions.
  • Neutral pH and ideal for humid environments.
  • Water retention with good drainage. 
  • Soft, porous, and spongy texture.
  • long-lasting resists degradation.

*Please avoid using city water straight from the tap when preparing your substrate mixtures and watering your plants. Most municipalities don’t soften water in a central location before providing it to your home. City water also contains additives like chlorine and fluoride commonly used by your local municipal treatment plant to make our drinking water safe and to keep your teeth healthy. While they make it safe for humans to drink, these additives will destroy the biological diversity of organisms that play an important role in root health and plant growth. It is best to use rain water, well water, or filtered R.O. water. If those options are not available, you can use a water dechlorinator/conditioner such as "Tetra Aquasafe" or a similar product.

This video shows how Fernwood Products NZ Ltd employ low impact harvesting when sourcing suitable tree fern trunks from private landowners. All tree ferns are sustainably harvested is permitted the Ministry of Primary Industries.


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    Tree Fern Fiber

    Posted by Haniya Rae on Jan 22nd 2022

    Currently trying this with my ant plants since they're struggling a bit. fiber looks good and well packaged. Thanks!