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"We have imported moss for many years, but this year for the first time we imported from a second New Zealand supplier, One Mile Moss. One Mile Moss is some of the finest quality moss we have ever seen."

With over 25 years of experience, One Mile Moss Limited is considered the number 1 supplier of quality Sphagnum Moss by customers all over the world. Their products are used by reptile/amphibian hobbyists, as well as in Horticulture, specifically the orchid growing industry. Their sphagnum moss grows naturally in the wetlands just outside of Hokitika, on New Zealand’s South Island and is carefully managed to ensure sustainability and quality. The moss is renowned for being long lasting, with an excellent water holding capacity (20 times its own weight in water).

*All of our One Mile moss products are carefully managed to ensure sustainability and harvested from fully renewable resources.

Ordering One Mile Moss from Biome Exotics

Biome Exotics carefully handles and packs your orders as they are placed (Except for 3Kg bales, which are prepackaged by the manufacture). We do not store pre-filled bags on a shelf as many other sellers do. This way your product is fresh and lofty when it arrives. 

About the New Zealand One Mile Moss Team

One Mile Moss began life as a partnership over 25 years ago, before eventually becoming a company in 2004. Run by husband and wife team Patrick and Nanita Pahl, they have an unrivalled dedication to providing a quality moss to their ever-growing number of customers all over the world. Patrick and Nanita are backed up by a team of six dedicated and trained employees.

Usage and Benefits

New Zealand Sphagnum cristatum moss is commonly used as an orchid growing medium, Seed Starter, and a rooting medium for mounted terrarium plants. It is also often mixed in combination with other mediums to loosen up heavy clay soils while creating air pockets for beneficial biological organisms to thrive. It also helps drain water, improving drainage around plant roots, keeping them from becoming waterlogged. At the same time, it increases the soil’s ability to retain nutrients and moisture.

Sphagnum Moss is ideal for...

  • Orchid Propagation
  • The Florist Trade
  • Home Decoration
  • Soil Conditioning
  • To increase humidity
  • Root starter

Sphagnum cristatum moss also contains a naturally occurring antibiotic called Tropolene, used for centuries as a wound dressing for its ability to inhibit the growth of dangerous non-beneficial bacteria and fungi.

New Zealand Sphagnum cristatum moss is harvested from carefully managed, sustainable swamps. It’s carefully hand-picked, naturally air dried, and cleaned through a series of both mechanical and manual techniques to ensure a maximum Water Holding Capacity (WHC) of 96%.

Because this is a naturally harvested product, it may contain remnants of small twigs. The AAA New Zealand Sphagnum moss contains 20cm long strands throughout 70% of the product. New Zealand Sphagnum cristatum moss has a light brown/cream coloration with some green tips. Please note that this product is lightly compressed and packaged dry. Before use, it must be thoroughly moistened, which will considerably expand its weight and volume.

There are approximately 120 species of sphagnum moss found throughout the world. The physical characteristics and intrinsic qualities (i.e. chemical properties) of these different species can vary greatly. Characteristics of sphagnum moss that are of interest to most users include color, strand length, strand strength and durability, salt accumulation and chemical properties.

Why Choose One Mile Moss Products

They have a superior quality product, growing environment and attention to detail which ensures...

  • Better length
  • Better colour
  • More consistent grading
  • Better cleanliness
  • Longer lasting moss
  • Stronger stems

*Please avoid using city water straight from the tap when preparing your substrate mixtures and watering your plants. Most municipalities don’t soften water in a central location before providing it to your home. City water also contains additives like chlorine and fluoride commonly used by your local municipal treatment plant to make our drinking water safe and to keep your teeth healthy. While they make it safe for humans to drink, these additives will destroy the biological diversity of organisms that play an important role in root health and plant growth. It is best to use rain water, well water, or filtered R.O. water. If those options are not available, you can use a water dechlorinator/conditioner such as "Tetra Aquasafe" or a similar product.

Run by husband and wife team Patrick and Nanita Pahl.

One Mile is run by husband and wife team Patrick and Nanita Pahl.

Moss Packaged in the Swap Ready to be Moved.

Moss Packaged in the Swap Ready to be Moved.

Working in the Tunnelhouse.

Working in the Tunnelhouse 

Moss in the Tunnelhouse.

Moss in the Tunnelhouse.



  • 5
    One mile moss 3a

    Posted by Lacie on May 30th 2024

    I’m so impressed, not just with the quality of the moss (amazing, it even smells nice) - but with biome exotics ! My order was delayed ever so slightly over memorial weekend and out of purely professional consideration they reached out to apologize, and doubled my order! For free! Like are you joking?! So nice!! I’m not a famous special influencer or anything just a run of the mill plant-mom looking for quality and I for sure found it here. I don’t have the skills to keep neat reptiles or fancy frogs but I can say, whatever you’re looking for here they will be the most helpful and thoughtful. Packaging is clean and shipping really was quick considering it was a holiday weekend. Best moss, fantastic supplier. 10/10!!

  • 5
    Best Sphagnum

    Posted by Vincent Palo on Aug 17th 2022

    Exactly as described. This moss is packed with super long fibers, and is incredibly clean. This is the best quality sphagnum I’ve come across.