Premium Orchid Bark

Our New Zealand orchid bark comes from the Pinaceae pine family, resists decomposition, creates air pockets for micro-organisms to grow and prevents compaction.

Product Details and Benefits

  • When added to other media, it provides a solid foundation of organic material while remaining resistant to decomposition.
  • The bark chips also create air pockets for micro-organisms to grow and prevents substrate compaction.
  • New Zealand orchid bark is PH Balanced.
  • The bark chips contain beneficial micro-organisms for protection against plant pathogens
  • The medium does not accumulate salt, thus reducing the need for flushing the substrate.
  • All New Zealand orchid bark is aged, and never completely composted, allowing water and nutrients to be held while retaining its hard structure.
  • New Zealand orchid bark takes a very long time to break down, minimizing the need for re-potting. Pinus radiata, is harder and more stable than Fir based growing media. The outer surface of the bark is broken down (wind-rowed), allowing it to hold water and nutrients for plants, while the inner structure remains hard and stable.



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